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Moldplus 5-Axis Toolkit – Multiaxis CNC Programming 2/5

Moldplus 5-Axis Toolkit

The MoldPlus 5-axis toolkit consists of design tools for preparing your geometry for machining. AutoSet Surface Normals, radius analysis, check/drive surface selector, 1-click part extension (draft and tangent) and 5-axis curve and tilt creation/manipulation. 


One of the biggest advantages of the Multi-Axis Kit is its automation capabilities. The system intelligently automates various tasks, eliminating the need for time-consuming wireframe drawings. For example, when selecting a wall, the system automatically lays out the wireframe, saving you valuable time and effort. 


The Multi-Axis Kit takes visualization to a whole new level. The toolpath and vector lines are displayed in real-time, allowing you to inspect and simulate the toolpath with ease. Whether you need to analyze the toolpath or make adjustments, the visualization feature provides a clear and precise view of the entire process. By simply editing the tool and selecting the desired specifications, you can customize the toolpath to match your requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the side offset or selecting a different tool, the kit provides an intuitive editing process. 

Toolpath Management

To further simplify your workflow, the Multi-Axis Kit allows you to group toolpaths. By grouping toolpaths, you can generate and manage operations more efficiently. This feature enables you to organize and access your toolpaths quickly, easing the process of modifying and fine-tuning your operations. 

Technical Support

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