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Unlock the full potential of your CNC touch probe.



Program your machining center’s spindle-mounted touch probe directly in Mastercam the same way you program toolpaths. CIMCO Probing automatically generates and inserts the machine-independant G-code directly in your NC program. Use CIMCO Probing to improve the quality of parts, increase productivity and reduce setup time and manual processes.


Probe to ensure the accurate setup of stock material in the machine before machining.

Probe to measure the geometry of the semi-finished part and dynamically compensate for topographic irregularities.

Probe to measure the accuracy of the finished part to verify its dimensions before unclamping.


CIMCO Probing works with popular CNC probe brands such as Renishaw, Blum-Novotest and Heidenhain.

Program probing cycles directly off the same CAD model used for toolpathing and other Mastercam operations. Full associativity ensures the probepath is updated with geometry changes.

Includes a wide range of predefined and fully customizable probe cycles for most measurement needs. Point at any cycle parameter and a dynamic diagram shows exactly what the parameter controls.

All probe movements can be conveniently visualized and verified using Mastercam’s Backplot, Verify and Machine Simulation. Ensure that your probe tool remains undamaged during machining. Probe tool collisions can be detected and resolved before the program is machined.

CIMCO Probing is offered through Mastercam resellers worldwide who provide the highest level of service to customers in their local language and time zone.

CIMCO Probing is available in English and German. Support for more languages is on the roadmap.

As a fully integrated add-on, CIMCO Probing will be familiar and intuitive to any Mastercam user. Full access to standard right-click menus, Auto-cursor selection tools and mouse wheel scrolling for easy changes.

Use the powerful Cycle Builder in CIMCO Probing to create your own custom cycles or extend existing cycles.

CIMCO Probing is actively being developed and new versions, including new functionality, are released at short intervals.

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