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Mastercam Blade Expert

A comprehensive solution for various blade configurations

Solutions for multiblade

Machine Challenges

One of the more complex 5-axis challenges is generating toolpaths for impellers, fans, turbine blades, blisks, and other bladed parts widely used in power generation, energy transfer, and propulsion. Blade Expert is a powerful, easy-to-use, custom application designed to generate efficient, smooth, and gouge-free toolpaths for these complex parts.



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Energy & Power
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General Manufacturing
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Streamline the toolpath creation process for multibladed part including fans, propellers, impellers, turbines, and marine screws. Simply define the blade and hub sections and let Mastercam generate your toolpaths. There is no limit to the number of blades, splitters, or sub-splitters that can be programmed.
Stock model awareness eliminates air cuts, and tool axis and tool tip control ensures collision-free toolpaths.

This software delivers a full array of cutting strategies and so much more. Mastercam can be customized to what your shop needs today and easily scaled to meet your future manufacturing needs.

Prepare any multibladed part file for machining using the familiar interface of the world’s most widely used CAM software.

Open any CAD file in Mastercam to access modeling and prep tools to get parts on and off machines quickly. No need to re-create parts from scratch—you can do it all in Mastercam.

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