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Mastercam Deburr 3-Axis

Discover the Mastercam Deburr 3-Axis Add-On the ultimate solution for efficient and precise deburring.

Efficient & Precise

The Ultimate Solution For Deburring.

This Add-On seamlessly integrates into your existing Mastercam setup, offering superior control and quality in your deburring processes while saving you time and eliminating the need for hand finishing.

  • Streamlined Deburring: Automatically detect edges and simplify your deburring tasks with user-friendly controls.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Deburr parts directly on the machine, reducing processing time and improving overall efficiency.
  • Versatile Tool Compatibility: Supports Ball Mill, Lollipop Mill, and Taper Mill with Full Radius for both 3-Axis and 3+2-Axis strategies.
  • Available as an Add-On to 2D and 3D MillingRouter, or Mill-Turn.
Deburr 3-Axis


Better Part Quality
Improved Operator Productivity
Enhanced Automation
Improved Safety


Removing burrs is crucial for maintaining high-quality and safe machining processes. Burrs can complicate machining, affect the placement of workpieces, and reduce the finish quality. Mastercam’s Deburr 3-Axis Add-On addresses these challenges, ensuring smoother operations and superior end-finish quality.

  • Available as an Add-On to 2D and 3D Milling, Router, or Mill-Turn licenses.
  • Easily located in the 3D toolpath gallery under Finishing types or through the Toolpaths Manager.
  • Reduce costs and processing times.
  • Enhance productivity by eliminating hand deburring.
  • Improve the quality of your finished parts.

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