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Mastercam 5-Axis Curve Machining & Drilling

Make better use of the capabilities that 5-axis machines provide.

mastercam for 5 axis curve machining
Targeted & Powerful

Multiaxis Techniques

Mastercam’s 5-Axis Curve Machining and Drilling helps you make better use of the capabilities that 5-axis machines provide. Your multiaxis machine is capable of drilling holes from different angles with a single fixture setup, saving time and increasing productivity.

Fundamental 5-axis motion that delivers tool axis control along a chain and simplifies drilling cycles with off-axis centerlines. A perfect addition to a shop getting into multiaxis machining or with focused multiaxis needs.



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Job Shops
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Cut a complex three dimensional contour with 5-axis motion composed of a 3D chain, surface, or solid edges, generally for 5-axis trimming operations.

5-axis drilling simplifies the creation of 3- through 5-axis drilling output for holes in a part. You can spot, drill, bore, and tap holes on multiple planes in a single setup.

Open any CAD file in Mastercam to access modeling and prep tools to get parts on and off machines quickly. No need to re-create parts from scratch—you can do it all in Mastercam.

Provides a cost-effective way to generate 5-axis code to run your CNC machines.

MLC CAD Systems bring years of practical experience specific to various regions, and manufacturing goals, to ensure that as a Mastercam user, you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

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