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CIMCO Edit Verify brings the world's fastest solid simulation kernel to Mastercam


Ultrafast Solid Simulation

Say goodbye to long wait times for stock simulation to finish processing. With CIMCO Edit Verify for Mastercam, you can run a full stock simulation from start to finish in just a few seconds or faster, even on complex parts. Utilizing the power of modern GPUs, you can even run the simulation in real-time at the highest quality and see the stock update as it happens.



Measure the distance between any two points on toolpath and geometries.

Save any state of the simulated stock as an STL file for use in further processing or other CAD/CAM software.

Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japense, Korean and Danish.


Use video-style controls to move back and forth in the simulation. Select from different toolpath modes and toggle the visibility of points, rapids, cutting moves, tool vectors, and more. Detailed information is available for each toolpath line and arc segment.

Mastercam stock models are fully supported. You can easily select stock, workpiece, and fixtures, or set them in Mastercam levels or external STLs. Simply choose which operations to verify and start the simulator.

Use Machine Simulation to detect machine collisions and limit errors on 3, 4 and 5-axis machines. CIMCO Edit Verify makes simulating painless by providing good defaults and automatic workpiece positioning. You can even toggle between Verify and Machine Simulation without having to restart the simulation.

Compare the stock model to the workpiece geometry. The stock is colored based on distance to workpiece, making it easy to see where too much stock has been left or where too much has been machined.

Color the stock with a different color for each operation. This is particularly useful for finish operations, where you can see at a glance if the operation covers the entire stock or if parts of the surface are left from previous operations.

Get a smaller cut-out of the stock with greatly improved quality and accuracy. You can base it on the current view or select a part of the screen. This feature is particularly useful for large parts.

Use cross section planes to get a two-dimensional slice of the stock and workpiece. Easily see how the stock compares to the workpiece on the plane.

Identify collisions between tool and workpiece/fixture as well as rapid moves to stock. Use Machine Simulation to get a detailed report of collisions between all geometries and machine models.

Use Stop Conditions to simulate and halt the process at specific trigger events. For example, use it to stop if a rapid movement causes the tool to collide with the stock.

Experience Machine Simulation in CIMCO Verify with our sample machines. See how it efficiently handles various machine setups and scenarios.

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