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Mastercam ProDrill

Dramatically speeds up the hole-making process of parts

Mastercam generate drilling toolpaths
Manage Your Complex

Drilling Routines

From automatic to fully-customizable drilling routines on surface or solid models from virtually any CAD source, you can adapt time-consuming, repetitive drilling tasks to your style of machining. ProDrill also allows your custom multidiameter step drill to be defined from the geometry used for machining.



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Job Shops
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Quickly and easily create a strategy for complex holes, then create all associated features with a click of your mouse. ProDrill will generate cutting strategies for an unlimited number of operations.

Drilling features include simple drilling, counter-boring, reaming and boring, chamfering and counter-sinking, threading and tapping, circle milling, and custom drill forms.

Open any CAD file in Mastercam to access modeling and prep tools for CAM programmers to get parts on and off machines quickly.

Whether you are machining 2D blocks or complex 5-axis parts, ProDrill guides you through identifying drill forms, applying your drilling strategies, and managing them in an intuitive and user-controlled manner.

MLC CAD Systems bring years of practical experience specific to various regions, and manufacturing goals, to ensure that as a Mastercam user, you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

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