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MLC CAD Systems isn’t looking to just be your SOLIDWORKS Reseller. We want to be your 3D Solutions Partner.

Get Started with MLC CAD Systems SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation Services

Get Started

With MLC CAD Systems SOLIDWORKS PDM Implementation Services

The MLC CAD Systems Services team will help you get the best return on your SOLIDWORKS PDM investment. Get started by choosing the right implementation package to fit your business needs.

MLC CAD Systems Standard Quickstart PDM Implementations

PDM Standard Quickstart

New to SolidWorks? Get your data under control from day one with this quick start package. Learn how to leverage basic workflows for your CAD data, start gathering information related to your CAD Data (Metadata) for easy searching, and reduce time by efficiently reusing your data. We will also train your users on the best way to use this configuration. Get full Administrator training through our online training program to learn how to to make live production changes in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

PDM Professional Quickstart

Are you planning for additional functionality such as an Engineering Change process or multiple locations across the globe? The PDM Professional Quickstart will allow you to get started with PDM Professional and pave the way for your business’s growth. Whether you are new to SOLIDWORKS or need to get your SolidWorks data under control, the PDM Professional Quickstart will get you there in a fraction of the time. Get full Administrator training through our online training program to learn how to to make live production changes in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

PDM Professional Advanced

MLC CAD Systems understands that engineers do not just sit all day creating engineering data in SOLIDWORKS. You have other data that is just as critical to your business’s bottom line, for example, quotes, installation instructions, testing, and analysis results. Our PDM Professional Advanced package takes all the fundamentals from the PDM Professional Quickstart and elevates it to control your other business-critical documents. With a PDM Professional Advanced implementation, you gain better control over your documentation and not just your CAD data.

PDM Data Migration

Have you been using SolidWorks for some time? Do you have existing data that you need to bring into SOLIDWORKS PDM? Let MLC CAD Systems help you understand the process to migrating data from your current folder structure to SOLIDWORKS PDM. MLC CAD Systems can train your users by supporting them as they start the process of migrating their data into PDM. Or, are you overwhelmed with the process of migrating your data? Let MLC CAD Systems move your data in SOLIDWORKS PDM for you. We will work with your team to successfully migrate your data while maintaining the relationships that you have already established in your designs.

PDM Engineering Change Process

At MLC CAD Systems, we know that even great designs must be modified from time to time. SOLIDWORKS PDM and MLC CAD Systems can help you track design changes in your organization. We use Microsoft Word and SOLIDWORKS PDM to ensure that your design data is tracked from the change request’s onset to the final notification of the change. With our process, you can review your entire change history to see what components were affected by the change and when the changes occurred.

PDM Custom Implementation

Sometimes our standard packages aren’t the most effective way to get you started with SOLIDWORKS PDM. MLC CAD Systems also offers a customized solution tailored to meet your needs. We will sit down with you and learn the details of how your organization works. Based on what we learn about your organization, we will generate a project plan that helps you achieve your goal. Our custom SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation projects often are completed through multiple stages with well-defined milestones. With your custom SOLIDWORKS PDM project, we can ensure that your SOLIDWORKS PDM configuration is best suited to meet your needs.


MLC CAD Systems has over 30 years’ experience in data management. If you are looking to secure your data, maintain accurate historical information, or want a single location to store your data, we have a solution for you. You can choose from our standard implementation packages designed to implement SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional quickly. Don’t fit into one of our standard packages? We can develop a data management strategy explicitly tailored to your organization.

MLC CAD Systems implementation services will get you up and running in the quickest amount of time possible and save you money compared to your staff learning and self-implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM. You can begin using SOLIDWORKS PDM in as little a one to three days by choosing multiple standard implementation offerings. When you purchase one of our standard packages, you’re not just getting a single expert for a short amount of time, rather your get decades of experience that our team has seen across multiple industries. The packages will allow you to gain the most functionality out of PDM while getting your design team up and running quickly.

With one of our standard packages, we can implement SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional in as little as one to three days. Implementation time can take up to a week or longer if additional customizations are required, such as an Engineering Change process or data replication to different sites across the globe. However, you can use one of our standard packages or combine multiple packages to customize your SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation.

Yes. SOLIDWORKS PDM is an easily installed application. However, there is no configuration performed with a simple install. Without configuration, SOLIDWORKS PDM will not perform to your expectations. Websites like YouTube may help you get started, but those resources may be dated or limit you to a specific method that the author used for her particular environment. It will also take you much longer to learn about then self-implement SOLIDWORKS PDM. The packages that MLC CAD Systems can provide will get you started quickly and allow you to expand SOLIDWORKS PDM as your business grows.

Yes. We offer multiple quick start packages and advanced packages that allow you to take advantage of our expert team’s experiences while reducing your initial investment to get started. We can implement our packages in as little as one day. Get a jump start to getting your data under control.

The efficacy of SOLIDWORKS has never been in question. The myriad of options, and the incredible assistance brought forth by MLC-CAD was invaluable. They went above and beyond to ensure that our company could fully utilize and grow with SOLIDWORKS.

— Tabor Smith —
Network Administrator, Quest Automated Services

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