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Verisurf CMM Programming & Inspection

Significantly reduce inspection plan setup from hours to minutes with almost no learning curve. Use on any CMM in a revolutionary, click-and-build visual interface.

CMM Programming Inspection
Easy To use

CMM Programming

  • Quickly learned and retained by new users thanks to intuitive user interface with rich visual experience.
  • Automate quality processes with repeatable measurement plans for any portable, manual or programable CMM.
  • Teach programs or create them from CAD for measurable reduction in programming time and process execution.
  • Run CMMs with Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Zeiss, or Pantec controllers, create reports and connect to quality databases.

Features & Benefits

- Intuitive user experience makes it easy to learn, remember and support.
- Model Based Definition speeds tolerancing, programming and reporting.
- Create repeatable measurement programs for scanners, manual, portable or CNC CMMs.
- Measurement device freedom eliminates bottlenecks and lowers costs.
- Create programs in Teach Mode or by selecting CAD surfaces, points and features.
- Intelligent probe management including indexing and racks.
- Dynamic path visualization, simulation and editing for collision avoidance.
- Support for 3-axis and 5-axis, touch trigger and tactile scanning probe systems.
Powered by Verisurf
- Standard communication protocols and formats include: Renishaw UCCserver™, I++ DME, DMIS, and G-Code.
- Optional Universal CMM software to run proprietary controllers from DEA, Leitz, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Zeiss, Wenzel, LK, Nikon, and Pantec.
- Optional error mapping to compensate for geometric, volumetric, orientation, positioning, and kinematic errors.
- Create rich inspection reports with standard or custom formats with your branding.
- Quickly identify quality issues and export or write measurement data to quality management systems for immediate notification.
- Automate first article inspection reports or production inspection with statistical process control and real-time quality dashboards.

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