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What’s New in Parts and Features in SOLIDWORKS 2024

What's New in Parts and Features in SOLIDWORKS 2024

SOLIDWORKS 2024 is packed with enhancements to help you get your job done faster. This video highlights the most impactful changes to how features and parts function in the newest release, including:

    • Parts can be saved back up to 2 versions to native SOLIDWORKS files with features and sketches intact. If a feature is created using new options or behaviors that don’t exist in the target version, the features will be displayed clearly in a dialog so they can be removed or redefined in a compatible way. The Save As dialog will show the versions that are eligible to save back to.
    • Revolved cuts can now “flip side to cut” making it easier to sketch the shape you want and cut away the rest. This eliminates the need to create a closed sketch outside the shape.
    • A cylindrical bounding box can be automatically generated to produce stock material sizes needed to make the part. Cylindrical bounding boxes can automatically solve the orientation but a custom plane is also available if the part is an odd shape that doesn’t get captured correctly.
    • Linear feature patterns have a new option for Symmetric that repeats the spacing and instances defined in direction one and keeps them linked so it is easy to make sure they are always updated in both directions.
    • Untrim surface adds an option to exclude the parent surface, making it easy to quickly build surface bodies where any holes exist without requiring extra steps.
    • Sketch entities can now show a preview measurement based on the selections. The preview can be used for reference, or click on it to activate it and create a dimension without running the Smart Dimension command. Selecting multiple entities will preview dimensions between entities. This behaves similarly to adding sketch relations but allows for dimensions too.
    • The Hole Wizard command has additional functionality in the positions tab. An existing 2D sketch can be selected to define the hole locations, meaning it can be generated ahead of time and used as usual.
    • New options in Hole Wizard make it possible use end-points of lines and splines instead of requiring a sketch point to define each hole location. Optionally, construction geometry can be used to define hole locations.
    • The hole wizard now supports “Instances to Skip” to make it easier to skip a single hole without modifying the sketch or deleting any information needed elsewhere.
    • Parts created in the context of an assembly can now use a new workflow that does not add any overhead to the rebuild time of the assembly. In an assembly, go to Tools.
    • Make Multibody Part to save the assembly file and any requested features to a multi-body part that retains its parametric relation back to the original assembly. Changes to the assembly will rebuild the multi-body part only when the multi-body part is opened, but all changes will be reflected as expected. This new option is perfect for creating fixtures and other related manufacturing supports that need to derive from the assembly design but do not need to update in real-time with the assembly.
    • Using additive manufacturing technology from Markforged, we designed a fixture that uses embedded magnets and other hardware to build a snap-together weld fixture. The fixture holds three components securely and allows plenty of room for a welder to get into the weld region. The material is strong and resistant to high temperatures. Integrated channels allow a fitting to be installed for purge gas for welding materials that require it. If changes are made to the design, the individual components can be rebuilt to quickly adapt to the new design.

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