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Stock Models – Advanced Mill Tips & Tricks

Stock Models - Advanced Mill Tips & Tricks

A stock model is a geometric object in Mastercam that visually represents the in-process part to aid in programming, verification, or visualization.  Stock Models are becoming more prevalent in Mastercam programming as they become more functional and useful with each new release.  In this example, the final geometry from the initial machining setup can be saved as a stock model and transferred to the second operation as a guide to programming the rest of the part.  This will help avoid wasted machine movement and ensure no material is missed.  


To create a stock model, set the insertion point to the location in the tree to be captured and run the Stock Model command.  The stock model captures the stock definition and any subsequent machining operations you select and gives you an accurate shape for the material at that point in the procedure.  


Mastercam Stock Model Best Practices:

    • Always use the same plane to generate all stock models so they line up correctly
    • Name stock models in a way that helps you track what each one represeents
    • Use distinctive colors to make them easy to distinguish between the different objects in your project


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