SOLIDWORKS Research Edition

Giving researchers the latest in SOLIDWORKS design and science engineering technology

The Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Research Edition
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No watermarks, no light versions, no delayed release cycle, no commercial pricing—all the power you need to succeed. If your research involves developing Intellectual Property (IP), patents, or publishing the results of your projects, the SOLIDWORKS® Research Edition is the perfect tool for the job.

What's Included

Research License


What is a Qualified Research Institution?

A qualified research institution is a college, university, research laboratory, teaching hospital, non-profit or consortium. Qualified Research Institutions do not include for-profit companies, for-profit research centers, technology incubators, accelerators, non-profit learning centers, museums, public libraries, outreach programs, Fab Labs, maker spaces, hacker spaces or hobby centers.

Can I just use a SOLIDWORKS Education Edition for my Research?

The SOLIDWORKS Education Edition is ONLY for classroom or laboratory instruction of Qualified Students, or instruction and preparation of courses by Qualified Instructor and cannot be used for Research purposes. Educational Purposes do not include Research Purposes, Commercial Purposes, or Curriculum Development by commercial curriculum developers.

I am a Qualified Researcher at a Qualified Research Institution and am looking to do a side project on my own for commercial purposes. Do I qualify for a Research License?

No, you do not. A Research License can never be used for Commercial Purposes.

I qualify for a Research License. When I leave the research group and move to a different university or location, can I take my Research License with me?

No, you cannot take a license with you. The Research License is purchased through your university and therefore it is the university’s license. Furthermore, the Research License shall be installed/managed only on computers owned or leased by the Qualified Researcher or Qualified Research Institution.

I would like to provide training for the public on campus. Do I qualify for a Research License?

No, you do not. A Research License can never be used for Training Purposes provided to the public even if it is done on campus. You can train students, but not the general public.

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