Viewing SOLIDWORKS Configurations in eDrawings

The ability to preview different configurations of a native SOLIDWORKS file (.sldprt, .sldasm) within eDrawings was introduced in 2019. The addition of this functionality lets eDrawings use Display Lists within the SOLIDWORKS file to allow users to quickly view a specific configuration in eDrawings without having to open the file in SOLIDWORKS or save it to an eDrawings file format first. 


The example image below shows a native SOLIDWORKS part file (.sldprt) opened in eDrawings with 3 configurations available for preview. 

Viewing SOLIDWORKS Configurations in eDrawings

Note, previous releases only allowed for preview of the active configuration when the SOLIDWORKS file was last saved. 

Preparing SOLIDWORKS Files to View Configurations

This process is intended for users opening native SOLIDWORKS files using eDrawings. 

  1. Open the SOLIDWORKS part or assembly file in SOLIDWORKS 2019 or later. 
  2. Navigate to the Configuration Manager tab and right-click on the configuration(s) that you would like to have available for preview in eDrawings. 
  3. Enable the option ‘Add Display Data Mark’. 

This image below has 3 configurations with ‘Add Display Data Mark’ selected. 

Viewing SOLIDWORKS Configurations in eDrawings

4.  Save the SOLIDWORKS file and the selected configurations will be available for preview when the SOLIDWORKS file is opened in eDrawings. 

Viewing SOLIDWORKS Configurations in eDrawings

Note, enabling the Display Data Mark will increase the file size and save time as the graphics information is being generated for each configurations marked when the file is saved. 

Include SOLIDWORKS Configurations in Saved/Published eDrawings file

SOLIDWORKS files can be saved/published as eDrawings files (.eprt, .easm) with multiple configurations selected during the save operation. The saved configurations will be available in the saved eDrawings file without having to include the Display Data Mark. 


Mark the required configurations in the save dialog. 

Save Configurations

The selected configurations are available in the eDrawings file. 

Viewing SOLIDWORKS Configurations in eDrawings
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