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Troubleshooting Weldment Cut List Consolidation

Let’s start off with understanding the intended behavior of cut list grouping is and how SOLIDWORKS determines which items are identical. 

SOLIDWORKS determines cut list information from the “<As Welded>” configuration, so any features that are suppressed in this configuration will not affect the cut list. SOLIDWORKS evaluates the following information to determine cut list properties and whether items can be consolidated: 

  1. Cross-sectional profile of bodies 
  2. Total length of bodies 
  3. Cuts, copes or holes in bodies 

If you are not getting the expected behavior from cut lists, follow these steps to correct the most common issues: 

  1. Check the Document Settings for Weldment Cut ListsThese are the recommended settings and are saved per document, so you may need to update your part template(s) to ensure that new documents have the correct settings:
    1. Enable: Automatically create cust lists
    2. Enable: Automatically update cust lists (may affect performance with many bodies)
    3. Enable: Rename cut list folders with Description property value
  2. Check to make sure that any weld gaps entered in Weldment Features or Trims are the same for all items that you expect to be identical 
  3. Check for extrude cuts or trims that may be causing items to be non-identical to other items; if appropriate, suppress features in the “<As Welded>” configuration or use the “Faces/Features to Exclude” option in the “Cut List Sorting Options” menu (see the online help for more information on this feature): https://help.solidworks.com/2022/english/Solidworks/sldworks/hidd_cutlist_sorting_options.htm?rid=158280
  4. Verify that all Weldment Features are using the current weldment profile(s) by editing each weldment feature, reselecting the correct item in the “Size:” dropdown and clicking the confirmation check box 
  5. Delete the Cut List by right-clicking on the cut list and choosing “Delete”; if you have the option to “Automatically create cut lists” the cut list will be rebuilt automatically 
Troubleshooting Weldment Cut List Consolidation

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support

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