“The Source Folder Is Not Versioned Properly…” Error when Modifying Serial Number

“The Source Folder Is Not Versioned Properly…” Error when Modifying Serial Number

If you see the dialog box “The source folder is not versioned properly: . If you copied this folder manually, you may have forgotten to copy the swdata99.id or swdata1.id files which identify the version of a download or DVD folder, respectively; or the file could not be written.”, this article is for you. This message can come from a few scenarios: modifying the installation to change serial numbers or simultaneously installing multiple SOLIDWORKS versions. The great news is we can resolve this with a few simple steps.

error message source file SOLIDWORKS

The solution is to create the versioning file in the location that the error message identifies. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Download Path file location specified in the error message and determine what version and Service Pack of SOLIDWORKS you are using.

2. In this location, look for any file with the name “swdata99.id” and delete it. This file may or may not be present.

delete old service pack data

3. Open Notepad

open notepad

4. In Notepad type the following: “SOLIDWORKS XXXX SPxx” Where X is the Solidworks year version and x is the service pack. For example, for Solidworks 2021 Service Pack 3, you would type “SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP03”.

type message into notepad

5. Click “File” -> “Save As” and save it in the location Identified in Step 1. You will rename this file later.

click save as file

6. Within file explorer, make sure file extensions are visible. To do this go to “View” and check the “File Name Extensions” Box.

check file extensions

7. Rename the previously saved text file to “swdata99.id” You will receive a message warning about changing the file extension. Confirm this message.

rename file extension

8. Assuming, you put in the correct SOLIDWORKS version and service pack in the file, you should now be able to modify your installation and change out the serial number.

As always, if MLC CAD Systems is your reseller, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help!

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