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3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

The 3DS Knowledge Base is the central hub of technical content for all Dassault Systems products, including SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Platform applications. 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (1)

In 2023, all existing content from the now retired SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal knowledge base was migrated to the 3DS knowledge base. Read this article for more details on the migration. 


To access the 3DS knowledge base, simply navigate to support.3ds.com/knowledge-base and log in. 

Using a 3DEXPERIENCE ID associated with an account that has licenses on active subscriptions is required to access the 3DS knowledge base. Administrators can log into DSx Client Care to add contacts and assign roles. 

Searching the Knowledge Base

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (2)

With the amount of data and entries within the knowledge base, it’s important to apply filters to search results to help narrow down the results to your specific query. 


The following filters were applied to the example search below, which narrowed the results from 62 to 7 articles. 



Knowledge Type: Question & Answer 

Language: English 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (3)

Click the individual results to view the solutions and determine which one may answer your question. Depending on the search topic, solutions may vary from a simple one-line answer to a detailed step-by-step set of instructions to troubleshoot or resolve the behavior. 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (4)

Saved Queries and Favorites

Common queries and favorites can be saved for quick access. Clicking the ‘Add to favorites’ icon beside the search results will add that result to your favorites list for future reference. 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (5)

Once filters are applied to a query, click ‘Save my query’ under the search box. You can then use that saved query to automatically apply the same filters while you change the search topic. 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (6)

Your saved queries and favorites can be accessed from the main knowledge base landing page. 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (7)
3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (8)

If you’re not finding the information you need, try using the advanced search option, which provides syntax options to improve the results. 

3DS SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base (9)

The next time you have a SOLIDWORKS of 3DEXPERIENCE application questions, try searching the 3DS knowledge base for a quick solution to get back to work quickly. Also, be sure to share the knowledge base with your colleagues to help them track down solutions to common questions and behavior. 

Technical Support

Get help from our team by Calling us at 800-364-1652 x 2. You can also get assistance by clicking the Technical Support button or the Email Our Experts button below. 

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