SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork License Manager Overview

SolidNetWork License Manager Overview

This article provides an overview of the SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL) server application used to manager SOLIDWORKS network licenses. 


Server Administration

The Server Administration tab is only available on the SolidNetWork License Manager Server application installed on the server. This is typically managed by an admin. 

License Information

    • Modify allows you to move your product licenses to a new computer, activate or reactivate your product licenses, or show activated product license information.  
    • Reread will reread the current license file 
    • Reactivate allows you to reactivate your product licenses. 

License Server

    • Start and Stop buttons either start or stop the license service. Client machines ping the server every 30-minutes. If the service is stopped, users have 30-minutes until a message will be displayed that no licenses are available, and users will be forced to save their work and close the session of SOLIDWORKS  


    • View Log opens the text file log of license usage (Lmgrd.log).  
      • With the Lmgrd.log file open, click File > Save as to save it for technical support. 
      • The default location of the Lmgrd.log file is C:\Program Files (x86)\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SolidNetWork License Manager 
      • A third-party FlexLM license usage monitor application would be required to process the logs into report form.  Read the introduction message in the log file for additional recommendations for monitoring usage. 
      • Some customers have found a benefit in using OpenLM Parser, a service that turns cryptic license or log files into human-readable reports. 

License Usage

The License Usage tab provides information on the number of free and used licenses. A list of users is displayed to determine who is using a specific license. The ‘Product’ dropdown list can be used to switch between the various license types entitled by your active serial numbers. 


Note: SOLIDWORKS Standard license is a prerequisite license required for all Professional and Premium licenses. For example, if you have 5 Standard, 5 Professional, and 5 Premium licenses, you will see a total of 15 Standard licenses. All users will initially obtain a Standard license until a Professional or Premium add-in is enabled within SOLIDWORKS. 


See our SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Order Guide for more details. 

Server List

Displays the servers that have been added to manage network licenses. The server is listed as ‘communication port@server name’. The default port is 25734. 

License Borrowing

The License Borrowing tab allows users to borrow products for a maximum of 28-days. SOLIDWORKS Standard license will be included when borrowing a Professional or Premium product. 

License Order

The License Order tab on the SolidNetWork License Manager is used to specify the order of your SOLIDWORKS network licenses, ensuring your licenses are being used in an optimized order. See our SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Order Guide for more details. 

Upgrading the SolidNetWork License Manager

The SolidNetWork License Manager can be upgraded from a previous release. Download the newer version of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager and perform the upgrade by selecting Server Products > Upgrade SolidNetWork License Manager. 


Note: To serve licenses to client machines, the SolidNetWork License Manager must be the same major release (release year) or newer than all SOLIDWORKS clients. The minor release (service pack) does not apply and can be any service pack within the same major release year. The SolidNetWork License Manager can manage licenses from prior releases back to 2004. 


Read our SolidNetWork License Manager upgrade guide to learn more. 

Moving the SolidNetWork License Manager to another Server

A SOLIDWORKS network serial number can only be activated on one server at a time. Therefore, the license must be deactivated from the old server before activating on the new server. For detailed instructions on moving the SolidNetWork License Manager to a new server, please review our How to Move the SolidNetWork License Manager article. 

Adding or Removing Serial Numbers in the SolidNetWork License Manager

To add or remove a serial number in the SolidNetWork License Manager: 

  1. On the server, navigate to Windows Control Panel  > Programs > Programs and Features. 
  2. Right-click ‘SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager’ and select ‘Change’. 
  3. Choose the ‘Modify’ option and click next. 
  4. Add or remove a serial number (separated by commas). 
  5. Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Install’ to make the changes. 
  6. Launch the SolidNetWork License Manager Server and reactivate the serial numbers. 


For detailed installation instructions, watch our short video SOLIDWORKS Network License Server Installation and Activation guide.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support.

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