Are you experiencing issues or strange behavior within SOLIDWORKS? Did you know that there are tools easily accessible to you for troubleshooting the cause? These diagnostic tools can help determine if issues are related to graphics card/driver, or from System Options settings.

You can access these tools from the SOLIDWORKS Rx Home page. Simply type Rx into your Windows search panel and select your SOLIDWORKS Rx App to launch.


SOLIDWORKS Safe Modes are at the bottom of the Home page. You may want to use these tools if you are experiencing graphics-related issues or abnormal functionality within the software.

The first Safe Mode will launch SOLIDWORKS in Software OpenGL mode. This will help to test if your graphics card or driver may be causing issues by bypassing your system’s video card and using the CPU to emulate a SOLIDWORKS certified graphics card. If your issues do not persist in Software OpenGL mode, this may be an indication that your graphics card is not supported, or your driver is out of date. Click here for information on updating your graphics card driver.

The second Safe Mode will launch SOLIDWORKS while bypassing the Tools/Options settings which can help determine if a setting is the cause of unusual behavior. This will launch SOLIDWORKS with default settings (the next time you launch SOLIDWORKS only). If your issues are resolved while bypassing the Tools/Options settings, this may indicate that the issue is embedded within the system settings. A repair of your installation may be necessary or restoring your settings from prior to when the issues began. Contact MLC CAD Systems Technical Support for further assistance.

SOLIDWORKS Safe Modes Tool Options
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