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SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation tool can generate a report that examines a part for performance issues and lists rebuild times for features, including how many features, solids, and surfaces exist. You can use this report to determine which elements take longer to rebuild, and then take action to improve the part’s performance. 

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Drawings Performance Evaluation

In a drawing document, click Performance Evaluation from the Evaluate tab of the CommandManager or from Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation. SOLIDWORKS will rebuild the drawing and then display a performance report with statistics and recommendations. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS (1)

The Drawing Statistics section displays detailed values for drawing elements, such as how many sheets, views, dimensions, notes, or even how many center marks exist on the drawing. All these elements play a role in file open and rebuild times. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS (2)

The Different Configurations section will display if any of the views contain different configurations of the referenced files. A message indicatesTo improve performance, consider using display states to denote different conditions in your design. Clicking the links will display which configurations are displayed in each view to help you make these decisions. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS (3)

The Previous Version References section will display a list of the files which need to be updated to the latest release of SOLIDWORKS. Note, this section will only display if previous version references exist. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS (4)

The bottom section displays detailed Open and Rebuild Times per sheet, element, the view palette, FeatureManager Design Tree, and graphics display time. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS (5)

In the example image above, the reference file named PERFORMANCE EVALUATION.SLDPRT is a previous version compared to the SOLIDWORKS version used to open the drawing with an open time of 28.6 seconds. 


In the image below, the previous version reference was opened in SOLIDWORKS and saved to the current release. Running the Performance Evaluation tool again updated the report to show the file open time is now 3.6 seconds. Note the Previous Version References section no longer displays, since there are no previous version references to display. 

SOLIDWORKS Performance Evaluation - DRAWINGS (6)

The next time you have a drawing with high or unexpected file open or rebuild times, run the Performance Evaluation tool to help understand which elements may need changed to improve the performance. 

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