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Checklist SOLIDWORKS PDM: Moving Server Components

**This document intended for experienced SOLIDWORKS PDM administrators only and is a summary of steps in this complicated procedure**

Copy Files to the New Server

Backup database and the ConisioMasterDB

Backup the Archive Server settings

Copy files to the new server

Copy the file vault archive to the new server, maintaining the same path

Configure the Moved SQL Database

Install SQL Server on the new server

Restore the database, keeping the original name

Stop the old SQL Server service or take the old databases offline

Update the new archive server name in tables ArchiveServers and SystemInfo in the database

Move the SolidNetwork License Manager

Transfer the activated license to the license key server

Install SolidNetwork License Manager

Reactivate the license

Move the SOLIDWORKS PDM Database Server

Uninstall SOLIDWORKS PDM database server from the old server

Install the SOLIDWORKS PDM database server on the new server

Verify the Mail Service configuration: HKLM\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\APPLICATIONS\PDMWorks Enterprise\MailService\Server

Configure the Moved Archive Server

Install the archive server on the new server using the same settings as the old server

Open the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Server dialog box and Load Backup

Update and verify the following keys, which may differ from the old server settings: HKLM\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\APPLICATIONS\PDMWorks Enterprise\ArchiveServer\Computers\local\Archives
HKLM\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\APPLICATIONS\PDMWorks Enterprise\ArchiveServer\Vaults\vaultname

Ensure that Server value is updated to the new SQL Server name and SQLDbName matches the restored file vault database name HKLM\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\APPLICATIONS\PDMWorks Enterprise\ArchiveServer\Vaults\vaultname\ArchiveTable

Make sure all paths point to the file vault archive location where you copied the files from the old server to

Stop the old archive server from running

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