SOLIDWORKS PDM Connectivity Test Tool

SOLIDWORKS PDM relies on several components to communicate as expected between clients and the servers. If a client cannot communicate with the server, the user will experience errors and be unable to log into PDM. To help troubleshoot connection behavior, SOLIDWORKS has created a connectovity test tool to test the connection between the client and the server. 

Accessing the PDM Connectivity Test Tool

The tool is available to all customers and can be downloaded via the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base solution article S-069274 

NOTE: There are two versions of the tool; PDM 2019 and older, and PDM 2020 and newer. 

Using the SOLIDWORKS PDM Connectivity Test Tool

Specify the hostname and port for each server component: 

NOTE: If the ports are still set as default, you can click the ‘Set Default Ports’ button to populate the information for you. 

Specify the SQL instance for the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) test, a default or named instance, and input the (sa) password: 

Select ‘Run Tests’ to start the tool. 


If the connection to the server was successful, a green check will display: 

If the connection to the server was unsuccessful, a red X and associated error will display: 

If the connection test fails, click the ‘View Log’ button to view and save the log for technical support. 

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support

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