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SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing (SNL)

NETWORK Licensing establishes a single host computer to hold all SOLIDWORKS licenses. Client PCs then request a license from the server machine, and if one is available, the server delivers the appropriate license. This is a favorable setup for a group of SOLIDWORKS users where not everyone will need access to the software at the same time. It allows available licenses to ‘float’ where needed and additionally provides ‘borrow’ abilities for travel away from the network.

SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing
*One network serial number may be all that is needed for several licenses of SOLIDWORKS products, but multiple serial numbers starting with 9010 or 0010 can be entered into the same SNL during installation.


Installation of the SNL is simple, taking just a few minutes and a download of a couple hundred megabytes. Click here to watch the installation process, or here for steps via PDF.

Occasionally firewall rules must be created to ensure adequate communication across the network, and an example of the windows firewall rules using the default SNL ports can be viewed here.

If further troubleshooting is needed, just submit a support ticket and we’re happy to help!

After Installation

Don’t forget to launch the SolidNetwork License Manager Server program! On the first launch of the software, an activation wizard will communicate with the SOLIDWORKS corporate licensing server and automatically activate your software on your server machine over the internet in a matter of seconds.

Client Installations

Client Installations of SOLIDWORKS products will use the same serial number(s) that was entered into the server, and just after clicking ‘install now’ you will be asked for the server name and port number, typically 25734@servername. After the installation is complete, a SolidNetwork License Manager Client program can be used to view available licenses on the network, prioritize servers and license types, and even ‘borrow’ a license for travel away from the network.

SOLIDWORKS Client Installation
*Note that many users may never need to use this program at all!

Additional Information

Additional Information about administration and configuration of an SNL, such as adding licenses to an existing SNL, moving to a new server, or using an options file to restrict certain license to specific end user machines, can be found by clicking here.

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