SOLIDWORKS Hardware Guide – 2021 Update

SOLIDWORKS Hardware Recommendations

Below is a summary of the key components of a PC that affect SOLIDWORKS performance. The best hardware for your environment is heavily dependent on your budget and workflow; however, the information in this document is designed to help end users and their IT support make knowledgeable decisions when selecting hardware. There are four main components that can significantly impact SOLIDWORKS performance. Let’s cover those first.

Key Purchasing Tips!
  • If you find a computer or component that is labeled a “Workstation” by the vendor, in most cases it will offer you an excellent initial configuration and options ​
  • You don’t need the most expensive CPU, but clock speed is king with CAD! ​
  • Most CAD users really don't need a $2,000+ graphics card, a midrange workstation card certified by SOLIDWORKS will give the greatest performance
  • Invest in a Solid State Drive when possible for Windows and SOLIDWORKS ​
  • Get enough RAM to stay well below 75% maximum utilization during heavy workloads ​
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