SOLIDWORKS Educational Resources

SOLIDWORKS Educational Resources

NOTE: This information is current for the SOLIDWORKS 2022-2023 release, educational licenses are specific to the version for which they were issued.  Top 10 Features of SOLIDWORKS Education 2022-2023


There are multiple types of low-cost license types available for educational use, each with unique installation instructions and resources.  Files created in these versions are typically watermarked “For Educational Use Only” to discourage their use for commercial purposes.

    • Student Access Licenses are collection of standalone licenses provided by your school or purchased online that can be installed on a student computer and are valid for up to one year.  These license numbers generally start with ‘9020’
    • Educational licenses are networked licenses purchased by the educational institution.  This is the most common license type for classrooms and computer labs, and the license manager is installed and managed by the school on their network.  These license numbers will start with ‘9710’
    • Maker Editions can be purchased online for non-commercial use. Check out our blog on the Maker’s Version!
    • Research editions are treated the same as commercial versions, refer to traditional information for installation and licensing procedures

Student Resources

Educator Resources

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