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SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard: How to Transfer SOLIDWORKS License

A common request for technical support is Activation/Deactivation or Transfer of SOLIDWORKS Serial Numbers. It’s not uncommon for a user to forget to deactivate the SOLIDWORKS license when moving from one computer to another. If this happens, the standalone SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard can be used to quickly deactivate without reinstalling SOLIDWORKS.  You can skip to the bottom to watch this article as a video tutorial

To download the SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard, use your SOLIDWORKS ID to log in to your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal account and click on Download and Updates link from the DOWNLOAD section.  If you do not have a login, create one using your work email.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Login

In the newly opened webpage, select the software version from the Select Version dropdown. Then, under Product, select SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard to download the tool (swactwizard.exe).

SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard Download

Double click on the downloaded swactwizard.exe file to extract the installation files and install SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard. Once the installation is complete and the application is open, you will have access to three options to modify or show licenses. Choose the Move your Product license(s) to a new /upgraded computer option and click Next.

Move your SOLIDWORKS Product licenses to a new computer

The next screen lists the license(s) currently active on that machine. Select the license(s) you want to deactivate, then choose the method to transfer the serial number (automatic is recommended), and finally click Next. This process will transfer your license back to the SOLIDWORKS activation server and then display a status screen.

Activate or deactivate your SOLIDWORKS licenses

Once finished, you can activate the license(s) on a new computer.

Reactivate your SOLIDWORKS license

Alternate download method: Download the latest version of SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard now (No login required).


Here is the same procedure in a video tutorial:

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