Resolution to Common File Location Errors

Resolution to Common File Location Errors

This article goes over some of the common file location errors that users see and how to fix them. While this article doesn’t cover all cases that users can run into, the process will be very similar for other file location errors that you may experience.

Custom Templates Not Showing

If your custom templates are not showing when creating a new SOLIDWORKS file, then you will have to tell SOLIDWORKS to look in the location that your custom templates are stored. Remember, it is best practice to store any custom SOLIDWORKS templates or other similar custom data outside of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Directory, so it doesn’t get overwritten during upgrades. It is common for companies to store custom templates on a network drive or PDM system so that all users at the company can use the same template. If your templates are not stored on a company network drive or PDM system, one option that we recommend is to create a new folder on your C Drive called “SOLIDWORKS CUSTOM” and create a folder in here to store your custom templates.

To point SOLIDWORKS to look in a new location for templates:

SOLIDWORKS Systems Options

The Hole Wizard and Advanced Hole Database is not the expected version.

When launching the Hole Wizard Command, if the error “The Hole Wizard and Advance Hole database is not the expected version…” (See screenshot below) appears then you will need to either upgrade the database or relink it to the correct files.

The Hole Wizard and Advanced Hole Database is not the expected version.

In the error message, there are two numbers: the “Current version” and the “Expected version”. If you take these numbers and minus 3 then that will give you the SOLIDWORKS version that you are looking for (For example, if the expected version is 24.00 then this refers to SOLIDWORKS 2021). To reference the correctly versioned files, there are two options:

Option 1 – Find the files for the updated Hole Wizard/Toolbox and update SOLIDWORKS System Options to look in this new location.

SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard Toolbox Error

Option 2 – Manually upgrade the Toolbox/Hole wizard files using the instructions here: How To Upgrade SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Manually

Symbols Missing from User Interface (eg. “” instead of Diameter Symbol)

If you are working on a SOLIDWORKS part and you notice that Symbols are missing (For example, it shows the text “” instead of the Diameter symbol), then you will need to point SOLIDWORKS to look at the correct file for the Symbols Library.

Resolution to Common File Location Errors
SOLIDWORKS Symbol Library file
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