PDM Upgrade Checklist

PDM Upgrade Checklist


Upgrading a production PDM environment involves several server and client components that must be upgraded together to work properly. Attempting to upgrade SOLIDWORKS PDM without all necessary files, logins, and procedures can cause temporary loss of functionality and possible loss of data, including catastrophic data loss. The upgrade should involve representatives from IT, PDM Administration, and Users to coordinate the time to perform the upgrade and make sure access is available to all systems and is performed safely and smoothly.

Here is a list of recommended steps and information to gather before starting the upgrade process. All of these can be safely performed prior to upgrading the PDM Vault and the upgrade should not begin until all have been completed.

If you run into issues performing the above steps, MLC CAD Customers can reach out for support here.

If you are ready to proceed, download the SOLIDWORKS PDM Upgrade Guide

Download the Guide

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