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PDM - Setting Cache Options Automatically

SOLIDWORKS PDM local cache options can be configured by user or group in the Administration tool to either ‘Clear cache during log out’ or ‘Refresh cache during log in’ for designated folders. 

Although they appear to be very similar, both options have major differences between them and when they should be applied. Automatically clearing the cache when a user logs out of PDM reduces a user’s cache size and increases security on computers used by multiple users. Automatically refreshing the cache when a user logs in to PDM ensures users have the latest version of items, such as CAD file templates and standard library files each time they log in. Both options have the potential to impact user experience positively and negatively as detailed in this article.

Note, like many other PDM permissions, when either option is applied to a folder, the sub-folders inherit the permission until changed for the sub-folder.

PDM Setting Cache Options Automatically

Clear cache during log out

When the option ‘Clear cache during log out’ is turned on, the system will automatically remove any locally cached files not checked out by that user whenever the user logs out, switches to Work offline mode, or shuts down the computer. The option to clear the cache during log out clears all files from the selected folder that are not checked out. The action does not retain files that are referenced by checked out files. This is different from the behavior when users clear their caches manually by selecting Tools > Clear local cache, which retains referenced files as well.

We recommend applying the ‘Clear cache during log out’ option to files that must remain secure, such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant files. With this option applied, each time a user logs out, the selected locally cached files are deleted from their computer. When a user logs in and accesses the previously cleared files, the system must copy the latest version to the local cache before the user has access to the file, including for read only access. The more files which must be copied to the local cache each time may result in longer wait times.

Refresh cache during log in

When the option ‘Refresh cache during log in’ is turned on, the system will perform an automated ‘Get’ command on all files within the folder. This will load the latest version of all files within predetermined folders and perform a ‘Get’ on any files within this folder that have previously cached versions already cached.

We recommend applying the ‘Refresh cache during log in’ option selectively for folders with fewer files, primarily files that are accessed by all users frequently, such as SOLIDWORKS templates or other library-type files. Applying this option to the entire vault is NOT recommended as it will increase network traffic, slow down PDM log-in time, and potentially increase the user’s hard drive with unnecessary cached files.

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