PDM How to Rollback a File to a Previous Version

PDM How to Rollback a File to a Previous Version

Rolling back a file to a previous version or revision in SOLIDWORKS PDM is made easy with only a few simple steps from the history dialog. The SOLIDWORKS PDM rollback function can also rollback a file with its references to a previous version and state, including the variable values present for rolled back version.

Note, the rollback function permanently deletes all future file versions after the version to which the file is rolled back and cannot be undone. Use with caution and consider which users should have the permissions to do rollback.

The example in this article will rollback a file from version 4 approved at Revision: B to previous version 3 approved at Revision: A

SOLIDWORKS PDM How to Rollback a file to a previous version

To perform a file rollback, the Folder Permission named Rollback must be assigned in the PDM Administration tool for each folder and user where rollback is permitted.

assign rollback

In Windows File Explorer, right-click the file which needs rolled back to a previous version and select History from the flyout menu.

history flyout menu

In the History dialog, select which version row to rollback to. In this example, the file will be rolled back to version 3 when it was approved as Revision: A. This action will remove all versions and history records after the highlighted row. Keep in mind the action cannot be reversed once rolled back.

history dialogue

At the top of the dialog, select Rollback to start the process.

rollback file

In the Rollback dialog, verify the information and enter a Rollback Comment to display in the file’s history. Click Continue to proceed.

rollback dialogue

Select the checkbox to confirm you understand the file versions will be permanently deleted and that the rollback action cannot be reversed. Click the Rollback button to roll the file back to the selected version.

confirm file deletion

Once rolled back, a row will be added to the file’s history to indicate the file has been rolled back and which version(s) have been removed. In this example, version 4 was removed.

file history

The file has been rolled back successfully to version 3 approved at Revision: A

confirm file roll back
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