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PDM Backup Procedures

This document explains how to perform full backups of every component of PDM that would be needed to recover from a disaster.

Ok so now you have the amazing capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM at your disposal for data management, but that data needs to be protected. Server crashes can still wreak havoc if the proper precautions are not in affect should a disaster strike.

This is also an important procedure to follow when troubleshooting or before performing upgrades to your PDM environment.

There are three different components that need to be addressed to be able to restore your PDM environment fully.

Perform One-Time Backup of SQL Database

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu and log in using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

Microsoft SQL Server Windows Authentication
SQL Server Authentication

2. Open SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu and log in using either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

Expand Databases from Object Explorer

3. Right click on the database that corresponds to the vault you intend to backup. Click on Tasks > Backup…

Backup Tasks

4. Ensure that Backup type is set to Full and the Backup component is set to Database. If there is a location already listed, make sure that it is the desired location. If it is not then Click on the location and then click remove. To add a location Click Add…

Ensure Full Backup

5. Specify the file name and make sure that the “.bak” extension is included. Then Click OK.
IMPORTANT: The extension .bak must be in the file name.

bak extension included

6. Click Media Options and make sure that “Overwrite all existing backup sets” is selected along with “Verify backup when finished.” Then Click OK.

overwrite existing backup sets

7. Repeat steps 3-6 above for the ConisioMasterDb database.

Schedule recurring database backups using the maintenance plan within SQL Server Management Studio

1. Expand the Management node from the Object Explorer inside of SQL Server Management Studio.

Expand Databases from Object Explorer

2. Right click on Maintenance Plans and select Maintenance Plan Wizard.

maintenance plan wizard

3. If this is the first time, you are setting up a maintenance plan Click next on the first window that appears letting you know what you can do with maintenance plans. On the next page specify the name of your plan then Click Change.

select plan properties

4. For schedule type, make sure that it is set to recurring. Under Frequency set the occurrence to a setting appropriate for your organization. Set the time you want the maintenance plan to begin and Click Ok then Next.

schedule backups

5. On this page, we can specify the tasks that the maintenance plan will perform. For this tutorial, we are only going to select Back Up Database (Full) and Click Next.

select back up database

6. On the General tab expand the Database(s) drop down and select the desired database to back up and the ConisioMasterDb, then Click Ok.


7. On the Destination tab specifies the location that the backups will be saved. To do so Click on the “…” and browse to the chosen location.

destination tab

8. Then go to the Options tab and check on “Verify backup integrity” and Click Next.

verify backup integrity

9. Specify the location for the report file to be saved. If an E-mail report is desired, check E-mail report and enter a valid E-mail address. Click Next when finished.

get report via email

10. The final page will have a summary of all the settings specified in the Maintenance Plan Wizard. Click Finished, and it will verify the plan setup as seen below.

maintenance plan wizard summary

Archive Server Settings

1. This includes the settings that the archive server uses to connect to the file vault database. From the Start Menu locate Archive Server Configuration under SOLIDWORKS PDM.

archive server settings

2. Click Tools > Backup Settings…

tools to backup settings

Note: if the Archive Server Configuration window did not pop-up after clicking it from the Start Menu, check the hidden icons from the task bar.

3. Ensure the desired vault is selected. Then make sure the Backup location is set to the correct location. A password can be entered, which will be required to perform a restoration of the Archive Server settings. Once everything is filled in Click “Launch Backup…”

archive server configuration

NOTE: If a scheduled backup of the archive server settings is needed, click the Schedule check box and specify the frequency.

Archive Files

1. Navigate to the location where the physical archives are being stored and use backup application to back up the folder and its contents.

2. If you are unsure where the physical files are being stored, you can see the location in the registry under the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\ArchiveServer\Vaults\[Vault Name]\ArchiveTable

file storage location

NOTE: Since these are just standard files, any number of back up tools available can be used to manage the physical file backups.

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