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MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview

The SOLIDWORKS MyProducts site (https://myproducts.solidworks.com) is now available for users responsible for managing their organization’s SOLIDWORKS assets.


Note, the Security Admin role required to acces the site is assigned through the DSx Client Care and order site. Only users with the Security Admin role will have access to the site.


The new functionality of My Products is similar to what was available previously in the now retired Admin Portal. One major advantage is that it now lists ALL assets without having to register each serial number.

What information is available?

    • View all products that contain a unique serial number.
    • View license expiration (entitlement date).
    • View support end date.
    • Product activation – current active computer.
    • Click on any product to view included products entitled by the same serial number.
    • Export a detailed CSV spreadsheet of product information.

Supported Browsers

Currently, SOLIDWORKS recommends using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers with default security settings. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome Incognito mode, may flash repeatedly at the login and fail. This issue is preventing SOLIDWORKS from publishing the link to My Products publicly on solidworks.com.

Accessing MyProducts

1. Navigate to https://myproducts.solidworks.com


2. Login using your 3Ds account, ensuring that you have the Security Admin role assigned to your account.

MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview (1)

Upon login, if your organization has a larger number of assets to display, the system may display “Fetching product details…” as it works to gather the data.

MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview (2)

3. Review your SOLIDWORKS assets.

MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview (3)
    • Support End Date is the subscription end date (newest release updates, technical support).
    • License Type is Standalone or Network. Note, SOLIDWORKS PDM serial number license type is “Network” since all PDM licenses are network-based products.
    • Expires is the date when the serial number expires and can no longer be accessed/activated. For standalone perpetual licenses, this should be “Never” or some date in the future.
    • Activated displayed if the serial number is activated with a Yes or No.

4. Clicking a product’s blue hyperlink will open the information for that specific product, including the currently activated machine.

MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview (4)

5. You can also choose to export/download your asset listing as a CSV file which can then be viewed within Excel or another spreadsheet application. The CSV file will contain information for all your assets on one sheet with columns for Product Name, Release, Serial Number, License Type, Quantity, Support End Date, Expires, and Active Machine List.


The “Download CSV” button is in the upper right corner of the website.

MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview (5)
MyProducts.solidworks.com Overview (6)

If you would like to learn more about the migration to DSx Client Care and Order System, please see the following article: SOLIDWORKS Customer and Admin Portal Replaced by DSx Client Care

Technical Support

Get help from our team by Calling us at 800-364-1652 x 2. You can also get assistance by clicking the Technical Support button or the Email Our Experts button below. 

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