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Moving from SOLIDWORKS Standalone to Network Licenses

This article details the process of moving from standalone serial numbers (one number per each computer/person) to a network serial number (one number for everyone/all assets).

In situations that have different variables, such as a mixture of standalone and network licenses, multiple network licenses, or multiple locations, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly for further consultation.

There are two main topics to focus on: 1) Server and 2) Clients (end users).


The computer or server chosen to be the license server will need the SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) installed and activated on it before any client standalone licenses can be changed. The SNL installation process typically takes less than 15 minutes.

The PDF link above also includes recommended port exceptions for your firewall.

If you are interested in advanced configurations such as an ‘Options File’ to ‘control’ licensing usage, please reach out to us for consultation.


1. Navigate to Windows Start menu and click ‘Control Panel.’

2. From the ‘Control Panel,’ navigate to Programs and Features > Programs (this allows access to SOLIDWORKS installation settings beyond uninstallation).

3. Select  SOLIDWORKS in the programs list and choose  Change.

4. Choose ‘Modify the Individual Installation (on this computer)’ and click ‘Next.’

SOLIDWORKS Serial Number

5. Enter the new Network License Number (this will be a 9010 or 0010 serial number).

6. Select desired products and click ‘Next.’

a. In most cases, the product list will remain the same.

7. Select ‘Modify Now’ to continue the installation.

a. If prompted to transfer the standalone license number, it is recommended to click ‘Yes’ and follow the prompts.

b. If you receive an error, please do not be alarmed. The standalone serial number may have been disposed of.

SOLIDWORKS Product Activation

8. Enter Port information of the Network License Administrator (so the client seat can communicate to it) and select ‘OK.’ The default port information is (25734@servername).

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

9. Click  ‘Finish’  to complete the conversion to the Network License.

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