How to Use SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go

How to Use SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go

Have you ever had a need to gather all related files to a model design (parts, assemblies, drawings, references, decals, Simulation results, etc.) and either create a copy to start a new design without recreating data, preserve a SOLIDWORKS version of a file set when testing new versions, or zip the files and send them to another SOLIDWORKS user? Well, SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go makes that task quick and simple while giving options to rename files as well as maintaining all file associativity no matter where the original files reside.

When working with MLC CAD Systems technical support, SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go is also a great tool to send an entire file set to diagnose file-specific behavior.

Accessing Pack and Go

Pack and Go Dialog Box

Quick Tips for Using Pack and Go
  1. To hide columns, right-click the column header and select Hide Column.
  2. To rename a file to be saved, double-click the file in the New Filename column. The filename extension must match the source file’s extension.
  3. Select File Locations to add Contains or Where Used file locations to ensure Pack and Go is searching in the correct folders for file references.
  4. Use Pack and Go for files in PDM only for creating a copy of files outside the PDM vault. To create copies of files within the PDM vault, use Copy Tree instead to maintain PDM file reference and version information.
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