How to Upgrade SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-ins

How to Upgrade SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-ins

This document is intended for CAD Administrators that need to upgrade the SOLIDWORKS PDM Addins after the upgrade to a new version has been performed. This procedure can be performed on the server (preferred) or on a client workstation.

Add-in Upgrade Procedure

1. Open the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool, by going to Start > SOLIDWORKS PDM > Administration

2. Expand the vault using the triangle and login using the ‘admin’ user

3. Expand Add-ins section


Note: Inspect the version behind the Add-in name. In the above image ‘Dispatch – 28030084’ is listed first. The 2803 is the version and service pack. 28 = 2020, 03 = service pack 3. Compare this version against the current version of the PDM using Help > About SOLIDWORKS PDM. If the version is older (a lower number), then proceed to step 4.

4. Open the Add-in from the program directory

5. Left-click and drag the Add-in from the opened file to the Add-ins in the vault

How to upgrade SOLIDWORKS PDM add-ins

6. Click Yes to replace the Add-in

Click yes to replace

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for remaining 2x Add-ins

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