How to Turn Off the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Flag

Did you know SOLIDWORKS comes with a utility to convert a copied Toolbox file into a standard SOLIDWORKS file and remove the Toolbox bolt icon displayed in the FeatureManager Design Tree? The “Set Document Property” utility removes a special internal file flag which defines the file as a Toolbox component. Once the flag is turned off, the file is no longer recognized as a Toolbox component and the FeatureManager Design Tree icon is now linked to the standard SOLIDWORKS part icon. This process is required in some environments for copied parts to behave independently of the toolbox settings.

How to turn off toolbox flag

Removing the Toolbox Flag

The Toolbox flag has now been removed and the components are recognized as standard SOLIDWORKS files. If an error is displayed, make sure the files are not open or locked for editing.

Make sure there are no errors in your files

Pack and Go Including Toolbox Components

If you used Pack and Go to create a copy of an assembly which contains Toolbox files, and you no longer want the assembly to reference the default Toolbox files, there are a few more steps required to update the assembly file references so they no longer reference the old Toolbox files and their default locations.

With the System Option Hole Wizard/Toolbox > ‘Make this folder the default search location for Toolbox components’ turned on, then the references of the copied assembly still reference the default Toolbox files and locations as shown in the two images below.

system option solidworks toolbox hole wizard

To open the assembly with the newly copied files which no longer contain the Toolbox flag, close the assembly, then turn OFF the ‘Make this folder the default search location for Toolbox components’ option.

The assembly now opens and references the copied files in the same directory as the assembly as shown in the two images below.

Once you save the assembly to update the references, you can then turn ON the option ‘Make this folder the default search location for Toolbox components’ so all other assemblies open and reference the Toolbox correctly.

save solidworks toolbox hole wizard system options
save solidworks toolbox file references
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