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Storing SOLIDWORKS Templates on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Templates are a HUGE timesaver for SOLIDWORKS users and allow for a consistent user experience. Templates can be used to control the ‘starting point’ and Document Property settings for your SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies and Drawings. 


With collaborative teams, its even more important to make sure everyone is using the same standard, hence the importance of templates. 


The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides a great way to manage templates so you can keep your team organized and on the same page! 


This document will focus strictly on saving existing templates to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and the management of those templates. It will not focus on creation and customization since numerous other resources exist for this topic. 


Requirements: 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWORKS Desktop with Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS Role. 

Adding Templates to the Platform:

Open the template inside of SOLIDWORKS and save using the MySession Widget 

MySession Widget

Inside of the “Create Template” dialogue box, you can enter the following: 

Title – By default this is the template file name 

Description – By default this is empty 


The Create as Released option stores the template in 3DEXPERIENCE with the Released maturity state. This effectively prevents users from modifying it without being very intentional. 


The Create as Private option stores the template in 3DEXPERIENCE in a Private maturity state. This will only be visible to the user saving the template. 

Editing Existing Templates on the Platform:

Open the existing template in SOLIDWORKS and save using the MySession Widget 


Note: If the template is in the Released maturity state, you may need to create a new revision of the template to Lock the file and save. 

Creating Templates in 3DEXPERIENCE

If needed, you can overwrite the Title and Description values that were there previously. 


Be sure to unlock the template file and make any needed maturity state changes. 

How to Organize your Templates on the Platform:

Any templates that you save to the platform will have the XCAD Template type. These types of objects are governed by the Engineering Resource policy. 

3DX Part-In

Templates can be organized using Bookmarks and can also be found easily using search functionality. 


If needed, templates can be deleted from the Bookmarks or Collaborative Lifecycle Apps. (Administrator permissions are required to delete objects in Frozen, Released or Obsolete states) 

Using Templates Stored on the Platform:

Using template that are stored on the platform is seamless for SOLIDWORKS users! After a connection has been established to the Platform, templates that are stored in 3DEXPERIENCE are automatically downloaded to the local cache. 


These processes happen in the background: 


  • Query server for any available templates 
  • Download templates not yet available locally 


Templates are downloaded to the following location: 


Templates that are in the Obsolete state do not download. 


When creating a new Part, Assembly or Drawing inside of SOLIDWORKS, a 3DEXPERIENCE tab will now appear in addition to any local folder locations that are specified. 


Technical support

If you have any questions regarding the SOLIDWORKS search routine or missing file references when opening files, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support. MLC CAD Systems can also provide services to assist with reviewing and possibly repairing/recovering larger data sets if file references are incorrect or missing. 

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