How to Setup a Dedicated Unattended Task Host

How to Set Up a Dedicated Unattended Task Host

When users launch Tasks in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, instead of having the Task run and consume resources on their local computer, it can be sent to a dedicated SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Host computer. 


For a Task Host to process tasks, a user must be logged into the Vault. If the dedicated Task Host system is an unattended system, such as a workstation in a server room, then a reboot could cause an interruption to Tasks being processed. 


This article with detail how to configure a Task Host to log in automatically after a Windows reboot. 

Make sure to test the setup by rebooting the computer.  It should automatically login to Windows, then open the vault view and login as the specified user so it is ready to accept task assignments from users.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support

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