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How to Set Revision Manually in PDM

The Set Revision command allows users to manually set the revision of files in PDM to any value in their revision scheme while also updating the revision variable defined on the data card. Before Set Revision is available for use, a few steps need configured by the PDM Admin to set required permissions as well as configure the Workflow State in which the Set Revision command can be applied.

Admin Set Up: Permissions

In the PDM Administrative Tool for users or groups, in Folder Permissions and State Permissions, select the folder(s) and state(s) where files will be allowed to have the revision updated manually. Activate the permission Set Revision and Check Out file.

Set Revision Permissions

Admin Set up: Workflow State

The PDM Revision Component and Revision Variable must be specified in the State for the Set Revision command to update the correct variable.

PDM workflow state

Using the Set Revision Command

To set the revision manually, select the file(s) and then select Modify > Set Revision.

Local Revision vs. Revision Variable:

Note, in this example, the Revision Variable is currently ‘B’ and the Local Revision is ‘No revision’.

set PDM revision

In the Set Revision dialog:

PDM new revision

Verify the Revision and History

The Revision Variable and Local Revision now match. The Set Revision command also adds a row to History defining which revision was set as well as the comment entered when the command was executed.

revision variable and local revision

Technical Support

If you experience any unexpected behavior or have any questions regarding SOLIDWORKS installation, please submit a technical support request.

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