How to Set PDM to Details View in Windows File Explorer

How to Set PDM to Details View in Windows File Explorer

“How do I set SOLIDWORKS PDM to Details View in Windows File Explorer?” is a question asked often by new users. Setting this option for all folders in a vault will display user/group specific variable columns defined by your PDM Administrator, ensuring critical file data and variables are visible to users.

Since SOLIDWORKS PDM is integrated into Windows File Explorer, a quick change to the folder options is all that is required. From the root folder of the vault, click More Options from the Change Your View dropdown, and select Details. The PDM view changes to display the user/group columns detailed in the Administration Tool.

How to Set SOLIDWORKS PDM Detail Views
To migrate this setting to all sub-folders of the vault, from the Organize dropdown:
Migrate settings to all subfolders

All folders within the vault will now use the Details view (or whichever view type chosen) by default. Streamline your PDM view to meet your needs by configuring your view layout today.

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