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SOLIDWORKS programmers have included many alert messages to help users make appropriate decisions based on their environment and project needs. Most of these alert messages include an option for the user to permanently dismiss these alert messages by selecting ‘Don’t show again’. This may save a user time by not having to click an extra button to decide every time the message is displayed, though some message dialog boxes contain options which may be needed in the future. Luckily, the programmers also provided an easy method for users to restore/re-enable dismissed SOLIDWORKS messages. 


In the example image below, this message displays after modifying a sketch which causes a feature to fail. 


  • If the option ‘Continue (Ignore Error)’ is selected, then any associated warnings and errors will be displayed in the FeatureManager Design Tree. 


  • If the option ‘Stop and Repair’ is selected, then the FeatureManager Design Tree will be rolled back to only show the one error. 


If the option ‘Don’t show again’ is selected prior to making the main option choice, then that selected option will always be selected instead of displaying the choice. Keep in mind the ‘Don’t show again’ is a global option and will cause the system to not show this message again for any similar alert in any file. This could become problematic if ‘Stop and Repair’ is selected along with ‘Don’t show again’ since the FeatureManager Design Tree will then always be rolled back, and you will never know what other features may be affected or have the choice to ‘Continue (Ignore Error)’. You may consider re-enabling the message to make a different choice. 

How to Restore Dismissed SOLIDWORKS Messages

Steps to Re-enable Dismissed Messages

Select Tools > Options > System Options > Dismissed Messages (under Messages/Errors/Warnings). From the list of dismissed messages, checkmark any or all the dismissed messages to display them again. Once you click OK, the message will be displayed again the next time the system triggers the decision. 

restore message

Final Note

The example above is just one example of many alert messages which contain the option ‘Don’t show again’. Recommended best practice is to fully understand the messages before deciding to select ‘Don’t show again’, and if you do select the option temporarily while working on a specific project, don’t forget to re-enable the dismissed message to be alerted again for future projects. You also may want to consider reviewing your dismissed messages frequently to recall which ones have ben dismissed and which ones you may want to re-enable again. 

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