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PDM Web2 Authentication

If your SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 online portal was working, but now throws and error ‘HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable’ or one of these other behaviors. Then this article is for you. 

How to Reset Web2 Authentication in IIS

The cause of this error is typically due to a change or mismatch to the windows user account that has authenticated the application pool for the web server.  To update or change the account used by the server to resolve this error, perform the following steps: 

NOTE: If you aren’t sure which credentials to use or they are not working, skip to the next procedure

If you do not know your credentials or if your credentials are denied, follow the remaining steps to confirm or correct the authenticated user account for Web2 

Other possible errors in Web2 due to incorrect user Authentication include. 


    • Repeatedly show the login page  
    • Stop responding after entering the login credentials  
    • Open successfully upon log in, but then fails to navigate between folders or stops responding when viewing file details (such as previewing the file).  
    • Displays ‘Sorry, no thumbnail preview available for this file’ when previewing SOLIDWORKS files 
    • Displays ‘Could not open database. This could happen if the network connection is broken or if the database has been removed’  
    • Displays ‘SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0’  
    • Displays ‘SyntaxError: Invalid character’  
    • Displays ‘Error! [object Object]’ 

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support

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