How to Repair Your SOLIDWORKS Installation

How to Repair SOLIDWORKS Installation

If you are experiencing unexpected, machine-specific behavior with SOLIDWORKS products installed using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager (SOLIDWORKS, PDM, Simulation, eDrawings, Inspection, Composer, Electrical…), you can use a special SOLIDWORKS repair tool to attempt repairing the installation. While a repair is not intended to target specific symptoms, it is a good broad-stroke tool to employ at first if you encounter odd behavior before considering a clean reinstall.

What is SOLIDWORKS Repair?

Built into the SOLIDWORKS Installation manager, the repair option uses the Microsoft Windows Installer to run the solidworks.msi in the background. Microsoft Windows Installer reviews everything that should be in the SOLIDWORKS installation directory and Windows Registry related to SOLIDWORKS products, comparing them to the installation media. If a problematic file is found (i.e. missing, or incorrectly registered), then the installer overwrites the file from the installation media. In comparison to a clean reinstall, a repair will maintain the user settings and user interface customization, while the reinstall will revert these back to default.

Verify Installation Files Exist

The repair function is one reason why you should not remove or relocate the files used to install SOLIDWORKS products. Prior to running the SOLIDWORKS repair, verify the installation files exist in the same location as when you installed them. The file path must be the same as when you installed for the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to locate the files required for the repair.


In the following steps, if Uninstall is the only option available, then SOLIDWORKS was installed using an Administrative Image controlled by your CAD Administrator, which requires a different procedure to be followed to repair the installation using Administrative Image options. Have your CAD Administrator contact MLC CAD Systems Technical Support for detailed instructions.

How to Run the SOLIDWORKS Repair Tool


If the Repair does not resolve the unexpected behavior, contact contact MLC CAD Systems Technical Support for detailed instructions.

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