How to Reactivate SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses

How to Reactivate SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses

If you recently renewed your subscription or purchased additional SOLIDWORKS network licenses of the same product type as your current products, then the existing serial numbers need reactivated on the SolidNetWork License Manager. The reactivation process updates the entitlement date on the SolidNetWork License Manager server. In addition to the entitlement date, once reactivated, any newly purchased licenses will be added to your existing serial numbers. 


Annual reactivation is required for SolidNetWork License products after an organization has upgraded to the 2022 SolidNetWork License Manager Server. Even if the installed products are from an earlier release, the 2022 licenses and future versions on the server require reactivation once a year. 


To help administrators reactivate licenses before the server expiration date, the SolidNetWork License Manager will notify users within 30 days of the reactivation date that they are about to expire. 

If you have entirely new serial numbers to add, click here to learn how to add them to the SolidNetWork License Manager and activate them.

How to Reactivate SOLIDWORKS (Video)

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