How To Overwrite Latest PDM Version

PDM How To Overwrite Latest Version

By default, a new version (copy of a file organized numerically) is created whenever a file is checked into PDM. Repairing something as simple as a misspelling creates unnecessary versions, which consume disk space on the archive server. This article will teach you How to overwrite latest PDM version.


Can overwrite latest version during check in’ is a PDM folder and state permission which can be used to reduce the number of versions being stored in PDM with minor changes that do not need to be maintained or retrieved in the future. Things such as a spelling mistake can be corrected, or even just a designer checking in a copy before they leave for lunch can overwrite the latest version and reduce the number of versions. 

Configure Permissions

Within the PDM Administration tool, for either group or user permissions, set ‘Can overwrite latest version during check in’ for Folder Permissions and State Permissions as shown in the two images below. 

How to overwrite latest PDM version
How to overwrite latest PDM version

Using Can Overwrite Latest Version During Check In

The example below is of a file which contains a spelling mistake. The file is checked out, the mistake is corrected, and then the file is checked back in overwriting the latest version. 


Note the current version is 8/8 and there is a spelling mistake in the Description field. ‘Nracket’ should be ‘Bracket’. 

How to overwrite latest PDM version

With the file checked out, the spelling mistake was corrected for the Description to display ACME Bracket. Note the Version tab now displays -/8 to indicate the local version has been updated and is newer than the version in the vault. 

How to overwrite latest PDM version

In the check in dialog, select the option ‘Overwrite Latest Version’ and click Check In. 

How to overwrite latest PDM version

The Description has been updated and the file’s Version remains at 8/8.

How to overwrite latest PDM version

Reviewing the file’s history, a record has been added to indicate the file was ‘Checked in with version overwrite.’

How to overwrite latest PDM version

Now that you know how the function works, review your users, folders, and states to determine who and where you may consider setting the permissions to allow the latest version to be overwritten. 

Technical Support

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