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How to Modify Your SOLIDWORKS Installation

Modifying your standalone SOLIDWORKS installation is a necessary step to add additional serial numbers, switch serial numbers, or modify which SOLIDWORKS programs are installed on your system. SOLIDWORKS provides a quick and easy method to modify serial numbers or to choose which programs are installed right in the Installation Manager without requiring the software to be uninstalled or any manual changes to the Windows Registry.

Here are a few examples of why your SOLIDWORKS installation may need modified:

Procedure to Modify the SOLIDWORKS Installation

Step 1.

If you are changing to a different standalone license serial number or switching from a standalone license to a network license, then the current license must first be deactivated by selecting Help > Licenses > Deactivate… and then follow the prompts to finish the deactivation.

Note: this step is not necessary if you are not switching standalone serial numbers or if you are switching from a network license to a standalone license type.

configure solidworks installation
Step 2.

For Windows 10 users, click the Windows Start icon > Settings > Apps & Features and then click Modify to launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

Modify SOLIDWORKS Installation

For Windows 7 users, navigate to the Windows Control Panel > Programs > Program Features and the select Change to launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

Change SOLIDWORKS apps and features

Note: If Uninstall is the only option available, then SOLIDWORKS was installed using an Administrative Image controlled by your CAD Administrator, which requires a different procedure to be followed to modify the serial number in the Administrative Image options. Have your CAD Administrator contact MLC CAD Systems Support for detailed instructions.

Step 3.

Once the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager is launched, select the option Modify your installation and click Next.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Installation manager
Step 4.

On the Serial Number screen, if you are changing the serial number, enter the new serial number and then click Next. If you have serial numbers for other SOLIDWORKS products, you can also change those serial numbers on this screen.

Enter Serial number in SOLIDWORKS Installation manager
Step 5.

On the Product selection screen, select any products to add or remove based on your serial number’s entitlement to those products and then click Next.

Select SOLIDWORKS product from installation manager
Step 6.

On the Summary screen, review the options and check the box labeled I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement and then click Modify Now to modify the installation.

Modify SOLIDWORKS products in installation manager
Step 7.

(Only required if you added a new serial number) launch SOLIDWORKS and activate the serial number when prompted.

If you would like a visual demonstration of this procedure, then watch this 2-minute MLC CAD Systems YouTube video on How to Modify Your SOLIDWORKS Installation.

If you need to switch or add a serial number to an existing SolidNetWork License Manager, then watch this MLC CAD Systems YouTube video for instructions.

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