How to Modify the Reference/Update Dialog Dismissal Time

The SOLIDWORKS Reference/Update dialog can be a useful tool to locate missing or changed references when opening files. If the dialog has been dismissed with the option ‘Don’t show again’, then files may be prevented from being opened as expected. Reviewing and re-enabling dismissed messages is a good troubleshooting step to resolve unexpected file reference behavior when opening or saving files. 


When opening files with references, SOLIDWORKS performs a specific search routine. If a reference is not found, and the ‘Unable to locate file’ dialog has not already been dismissed with the option ‘Don’t show again’, then you will be presented with options to either browse for a replacement file, suppress the component, or suppress all missing components. 


Note the countdown at the top in seconds until the dialog is dismissed. 

How to Modify the Reference/Update Dialog Dismissal Time

If you are not presented with the dialog as expected, then you can re-enable dismissed messages and re-open the file to make the appropriate choice. 


If the message times out and is dismissed automatically, then a summary of any missing or replaced items will be displayed with an option ‘View Report’ to open and view a report of the references. 

How to Modify the Reference and Update Dialog Dismissal Time

Adjusting the dismissal time

If the dialog appears but times out before you make your decision, you can turn off or modify the dismissal time in Tools > Options > System Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings, ‘Automatically dismiss reference and update messages after n-seconds and open the file again. 

How to Modify the Reference/Update Dialog Dismissal Time

If you disable the option ‘Dismiss reference and update messages after n-seconds’, the reference dialog will remain on the screen until one of the options is selected. Use this option carefully if you are opening a large file with many references and you choose to walk away from your computer expecting to have a fully opened file when you return. If a decision needs to be made and the message does not dismiss automatically, the dialog will be waiting for you when you return and then you will be waiting for the file to open from there. 

Technical Support

If you have any questions regarding the SOLIDWORKS search routine or missing file references when opening files, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical supportMLC CAD Systems can also provide services to assist with reviewing and possibly repairing/recovering larger data sets if file references are incorrect or missing. 

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