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How to Install SOLIDWORKS PDM Client Software

This article will explain the step by step process for installing the SolidWorks PDM client software. The examples shown are using the SolidWorks 2020 SP2 software release. This process can be followed when installing either the PDM Standard or SolidWorks PDM Professional client software.

1. Obtain the installation media. Click the following link to see steps for downloading the SolidWorks software. https://mlc-cad.com/solidworks-help-center/how-to-download-solidworks/

2. Start the installation by clicking the setup.exe.

SOLIDWORKS Installation media setup.exe file

3. On the serial number page, click next. (Please note*** you are not required to enter a serial in order to install the SolidWorks PDM Client Software).

SOLIDWORKS Serial Number not needed

4. Select the SolidWorks PDM Client and eDrawings from the list and then client Next.

Select solidworks and edrawings

5. On the summary page, click Change for the SolidWorks PDM Options.

How to Install PDM Client Software
6. On the SolidWorks PDM Client Options page, choose the client options to determine.

I. Product Type
II.Client type
III. Add-ins

(Here is where you can choose to install either the PDM Standard Client or the PDM Professional Client).

Then click Back to Summary.

Install PDM standard or Professional

7. Accept the license agreement on the summary page and click Install Now.


If you have questions or encounter any errors, please reach out to our support team with logs and screenshots to expedite the troubleshooting process.

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