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How to Enable or Disable SOLIDWORKS Add-ins

Many SOLIDWORKS utilities and areas of functionality are designed as modules called ‘Add-Ins’ that can be enabled or disabled as needed. Most Add-Ins provide additional user interface elements, such as CommandManager tabs, Task Manager Pane tabs, menus, and toolbars.


There can be many different SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins available depending on your license type. The Add-Ins available in your SOLIDWORKS may differ from the images in this article.

Accessing SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins

SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins can be enabled or disable by selecting the Options Flyout and then Add-Ins, or by selecting Tools > Add-Ins.

How to Enable or Disable SOLIDWORKS Add-ins

Within the Add-Ins dialog, there are options to select Add-Ins to be active for the current session or at each start up as well as the time it took for the Add-In to load the last time.


    • Active Add-Ins checkbox column = Enables the Add-In for the current session.
    • Start-Up checkbox column = Enable the Add-In each time SOLIDWORKS starts up.
How to Enable or Disable SOLIDWORKS Add-ins 2

Commonly used Add-Ins, such as SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library or SOLIDWORKS PDM, may be enabled every time SOLIDWORKS launches. Others, such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation or SOLIDWORKS CAM, may only be used very rarely and enabled only when needed.


You can also access the Add-Ins in the SOLIDWORKS CommandManager by turning on the SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins tab. Note, enabling Add-Ins on the Command manager only enables the Add-In for the current session.

How to Enable or Disable SOLIDWORKS Add-ins 3

Add-In Resource Usage

As each of the SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins requires additional memory and other computer resources, it is strongly recommended to only enable Add-Ins when required, leaving them disabled during general SOLIDWORKS usage.

Add-In License Usage

Some Add-Ins also consume different licenses. If your SOLIDWORKS licenses are on a shared SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL) with different license types, then you may not want to activate certain licenses on Start Up that are used rarely or need shares, since the Add-ins will consume the required license each time you start SOLIDWORKS.

Installing SOLIDWORKS Add-ins

If you did not install a SOLIDWORKS add-in as part of your initial installation, or if you recently upgrade your license/purchasing new add-in functionality, you can modify your SOLIDWORKS installation to include those add-ins. Once the modification is complete, the add-ins will be available to be enabled.

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