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All SOLIDWORKS products install from the same installation manager, and there are several ways to get your hands on the installation files.

Choose an option:

1. Preferred: Download from the SOLIDWORKS website

1. Go to www.solidworks.com/sw/support/downloads
2. Click on Log In


3. Enter your 3DEXPERIENCE ID credentials. If you do not have a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, click here to learn how to create one


4. Click the version specific link to download SOLIDWORKS Products which will install all client and server software. Make sure to select the link next to the version and service pack that you want to install.

SOLIDWORKS Download Page

5. Accept the license agreement (scroll down as you read to the bottom to activate the Accept Agreement & Continue button). Click Download to start the download of the Installation Manager.


6. The file should be downloaded in your browser and will be called SolidWorksSetup.exe.


NOTE: This is the installation manager only, it contains everything you need to start an installation, but it will require additional downloads during the installation process depending on what is selected to install.

7. Run SolidWorksSetup.exe. Accept any security prompts and click Unzip to extract the installation files.


NOTE: If a message appears indicating that a reboot is pending, you can still proceed, though it is recommended to reboot once before installing.

8. You are now ready to install any SOLIDWORKS product, visit this page for links to specific installation instructions for each product. To perform a full download of all installation files, select Download and share all files. This will allow you to perform the download one time and share the files to save on bandwidth and speed up the installation process.


NOTE: The default download location for all installation files is Documents\SOLIDWORKS Downloads\. The downloaded files can be copied to any location with sufficient permissions.

9.  To run the installation manager again from a previous installation attempt or from previously downloaded files, run setup.exe in the top-level folder.

SOLIDWORKS Download Location

4. Workaround: Download the SOLIDWORKS Installation manager now (No login required)

NOTE: Your browser security settings may block the download of .exe files.  If nothing happens when you click the link above, right-click the link and choose “Save Link As” to save it to your hard drive.  It may still flag the file as potentially harmful, displaying a security warning on the file download status bar in your browser.  Find the download list and if you see a security warning, expand it to choose to “Keep” the file anyways.  This is usually found along the bottom-left of the screen or the top-right corner.

5. Request a media kit shipment

Having trouble with internet or network security?  You can request a DVD copy of the current version of the installation media here.

Still need help?
Contact support to request a special download link if you need something else, common examples where you must contact support:

We hope you found this article clear and helpful. If you have feedback or want to request for more information, let us know!

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