How to Configure a Computer to be a PDM Task Host

How to Configure a Computer to be a PDM Task Host

The PDM Tasks feature (for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) allows you to configure, run, and monitor automated tasks that you would normally perform manually in your PDM vault, such as convert, design checker, and print tasks for use with SOLIDWORKS files. 


An often overlooked step when configuring PDM tasks is to configure computers to be task hosts in order to execute the tasks. This grants the computer task execution permission for each vault where the task will be run. This article will detail how to configure a computer to be a task host. 

Dedicated Host with Automatic Login (Unattended Computer)

When users launch Tasks in PDM, instead of having the Task run on their local computer, it can be sent to a Dedicated SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Host with Automatic Login, even one that is not actively used.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support

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